What do we eat for lunch? We’re camping with Guillermo (Uruguay) and Barbara (Poland) in Chile on the island Chiloé. This lovely marriage couple who lives in Spain, are traveling now in South America. Guillermo loves to cook, but we are getting out of our groceries. So what to make? We are in Chile, so let’s catch some fish! Guillermo and Kasper collecting all their fish gear and start fishing. After a while (without catching fish) they get bored. Meanwhile it became low tide. This brings Guillermo on a great idea. Let’s look for clams! An old woman with rubber boots walked by. She must looking for clams too! Guillermo asked her where to go. She brings them to the right spot. Now its low tide, they can reach the clams easily. Just with a spoon they get them out of the sand.

So, now we have two big bags full of clams! Wow, this will be a great lunch! But how to prepare? Guillermo will be our chef.

Step one: first clean the clams
Clean the sand of the clams on the outside. Then clean them on the inside. This is important to do because there is sand inside the clam (and we don’t want this in our meal). Put them in a bucket of clean water and add some salt. Because they are still alive, they will spit out their dirt water and take the clean water inside the shell. After 20 minutes the clams are clean.

Step two: make a simple tomato sauce
– one onion (chopped)
– 3 cloves of garlic (chopped)
– 2 tomatoes (chopped)
– tomato sauce
– salt and pepper

Bake the onion and garlic in a pan with some oil. When the onion is soft, add the tomato and some salt and pepper. Then add some tomato sauce. Now the sauce is ready. (Off course there are plenty other sauces you can make, with wine or other veggies, but the ingredients of this tomato sauce you will probably have for sure in your mobile home kitchen). Now leave it on the side, you will need it in step three.

Step three: heat up the clams!

– two big hands full of clams

Get a big pan and put it on fire with the clams. Don’t add water (maybe some slices of lemon if you have). Shake the pan every minute! Now after 3-5 minutes (from the beginning), add the half of your sauce. The clams will open their shell and will loose the water. This will get mixed with the sauce. When this happened, after 10 minutes, the clams are cooked and the meal is done. Now you can repeat this again (if you have more clams) and add the other half of the sauce.

So what do we eat on the road? This is a food blog for people who live on wheels and/or with a tiny kitchen, most of the time dependent on long shelf life products or just a few fresh products. It needs to be easy but tasteful!