Together = Kasper, Laila, Moos and Atlas from the Netherlands. We are travelling and living since december 2015 on Wheels = the Iveco 40.10WM 4×4. A former police truck. In 2013, Kasper and Laila moved in together in a camper and drove to Africa. They decided not to stop traveling. Laila became pregnant in Morocco. After the birth of their first son Moos, they decided to travel to South America. Four years later, their second son, Atlas, was born. At the moment they travel in the summer in the Netherlands and in winter in the south of Europe or Morocco.

vanSVane ART DUO

Kasper and Laila vanSVane form an artist duo. Together they paint their story while traveling. (Sur)realistic stories on canvas. They get inspired by their journey, the nature and animals. Like in every vanSVane painting, a nature place will  be the background with different little stories. Animals will get the main roll and time will not exist.

France 2021

Belgium 2020

1495175_10202715752354904_2042621565_o  1798074_807011759312595_938976655_n-kopieSenegal 2013

Peru 2018

Morocco 2019