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Kasper, Laila, Moos en Atlas

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The road that leads to the beach


PERU – In Bolivia you have the so called ‘death-road’. It is famous for it’s narrowness and deep drops. We didn’t drive this particular road because nowadays it is a tourist attraction (they build another road around it) and also we just didn’t want to go that direction. But in the rest of Bolivia and Peru you have enough other roads that we think can compete with the death-road in dangerousness. We kind off accidentally found ourselves in the middle of a road like that of 400km long! Before we realized it was this long we where already one day underway, it took us another three days to finish it. And these where full days of driving, one hairpin after the other and deep-drops and blind-curves for 400km’s! It was a really beautiful road but also a little bit too much this time. About halfway we got pretty sick of it, we only could think of driving on tarmac again, double lanes and without giant stones on the middle of the road. Continue Reading



What do we eat for lunch? We’re camping with Guillermo (Uruguay) and Barbara (Poland) in Chile on the island Chiloé. This lovely marriage couple who lives in Spain, are traveling now in South America. Guillermo loves to cook, but we are getting out of our groceries. So what to make? We are in Chile, so let’s catch some fish! Guillermo and Kasper collecting all their fish gear and start fishing. After a while (without catching fish) they get bored. Meanwhile it became low tide. This brings Guillermo on a great idea. Let’s look for clams! An old woman with rubber boots walked by. She must looking for clams too! Guillermo asked her where to go. She brings them to the right spot. Now its low tide, they can reach the clams easily. Just with a spoon they get them out of the sand.

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Let’s try to bring India in your house on wheels with this delicious easy curry recipe! We met Leticia (Leti) on the road in the Sahara and now we’re cooking in Buenos Aires. Her secret, sweet potato and ketchup! … what? Ketchup? Leti: “Well if you’re traveling off road, without a market close by, you’ll get creative”. It’s a perfect meal for on the road, because you can add every vegetables and beans you have! But storage the curry powder, bouillon, cream and tomato puree (or ketchup)! Continue Reading