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Kasper, Laila, Moos en Atlas

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One of Colombia’s favorite dish are patacones, pieces of fried plantain. I get some plantain from my Spanish teacher, so it’s time to make them by my self. After asking my Colombian neighbor the tips and tricks, I found out its actually quite easy to make. So if you like fried fries and you are looking for some variety, its time to try this recipe… Continue Reading



South America is full of beautiful murales, painted walls. After painting a lot in Palomino on cotton, we feel like painting on a wall as well. We get inspired by our Colombian friend Mateo, which job is to make murals in Bogota. After painting the bathroom of Don Diego, it starts rolling. Continue Reading



COLOMBIA – Almost 3 months we’re living in Palomino. A little village on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Beautiful located between two rivers, on the foot of the sierra Nevada. Most of the time we stay in front of Diego’s house on the edge of the village. A 50 year old crazy and very sweet man. Continue Reading