HOLLAND – Six months ago we arrived back in Holland after two years of traveling in South America. It was great to see our friends and family again but it was also a difficult time for us. We missed a lot of things of our life in South America. We missed the nature, the space around us, the people and also the simplicity of the life we lived the last two years.

Originally we planned to come back in Holland in summer but because we stayed longer we came back in winter. People in Holland live mostly inside in winter and days are short. We had difficulties to adjust to this way of life and also to the much much faster way of living in this part of the world. I remember that I had the feeling that Holland was one big city with people always rushing to go somewhere. Off course this is not true, but this is how we felt.

To be honest, when we where in South America we also missed Holland. We missed how easy we can get things done, we missed expressing our-selfs without a language barrier and most of all we missed our friends and family. Many times we fantasized how great it would be if our friends and family would be with us living our nomadic lifestyle. We fantasized that we would live a simple life together, close to nature and spend time together sitting around a fire.

Our life in Holland is full of opportunities and possibilities. At the same time this feels also as a challenge, the challenge to keep it simple. There is always something to do, a party to go to, a friend to visit. It can be difficult not to have the feeling of missed opportunities, doing too little or needing more things. This is what we are working on now, how can we live a simple and down to earth life in Holland. How can we live close to nature without too much stuff and have time to connect to people around us?

We are proud to say that for now we have found a way to live this simple life in Holland. We are living again in our camper, this time close to Hilversum (the place where we grew up). We are staying on a campsite in the forrest just outside the city and are in biking distance of family, friends, our atelier and a (pre) school for Moos. How strange this may sounds but this is really all what we are looking for at the moment. We actually have the feeling that we are living a life of luxury. We changed some things in the camper (bigger kitchen and a bigger bed for Moos) and now have a big-ass tent in front of our car. And although we are not really in the wilderness, we hear birds in the morning and feel the changes in the weather, we definitely feel like we are living in nature.

One downside to this all is that we can only stay on the campsite until the first of November. We are looking for ways to live this simple life in Holland also in winter, but for know we made the decision to go travel the upcoming winter. If everything works out the way we want to we will be driving south (direction Morocco) in 5 months!

And last but not least we are proud to tell that Moos is becoming a real Dutchie and is bicycling like a pro! Moos GO GO GO!!!!