ARGENTINA – We are back in the country were our trip started two years ago. It feels good to come back here, it feels like we are closing a circle. We cross the Andes for the last time to enter Argentina, we enjoy it a lot.

Next we feel like visiting some of our Argentinian friends we made in this trip. First we went to Nico and Nadia, who we met in Peru. They live in a very little village where they have a small wooden house very close to the beach. Like everybody else in the village they build the house them self.  It is very inspiring. Not only the houses, but also the people.

Next stop we visit our friend Agostina in Mar del Plata. We met her one and a half year ago in the north of Argentina. She invited us to stay at here place, surf and picknick together.

And to end our trip, where else could it be, we arrived in the land of Emi, Leti and Nelo. Our dear friends and home away from home. Now the camper is in the harbor, ready to go back by boat to Holland, we enjoy our last days here. We fish a lot, cook the best traditional food of Argentina, drinking mate and sleep in their volkswagen kombi. It is a great way to finish our trip in South America.

To be continued!