CHILE – our highlight of the last two months was to meet our Dutch friends, Walid, Aniek and their daughter Marley, on the road in Peru. One year ago they started their travel in Uruguay and since that day we hoped our paths would cross somewhere in South America. When we were in Colombia, they were in Patagonia and at that point the distance was so big we thought it would never happen. But after some time, planning and good luck we met-up in Peru. Its was so nice to share our travel experiences, language and most of all our great friendship!

As always we never know for certain which road we’ll take next. But for some reason it became the road down trough Chile. We had a problem with the cooling of the car, and because of this we could not cross the high andes to go to Brazil or Paraguay. We had to go to Santiago for a new water-pump. This road leads us trough the desert of the Atacama in the north down to the center of Chile. Slowly the nature turned from brown to green. What a nice sight after this endless and dry desert, flowers and grass! And best of all spring is in the air!

After fixing the car in Santiago, we spend some last days at the Pacific. What a long time we spend next to this beautiful ocean. We make some last hikes in the forrest before we cross the Andes. What also will be our last time crossing the Andes. Yes, we are saying goodby to a lot of places were we lived almost for two years. We are taking the road back to Holland. Back to Buenos Aires were we will put, a month from now, our car on a ship. We fly November 20th back to Holland!