Together on Wheels
Kasper, Laila, Moos en Atlas



One of Colombia’s favorite dish are patacones, pieces of fried plantain. I get some plantain from my Spanish teacher, so it’s time to make them by my self. After asking my Colombian neighbor the tips and tricks, I found out its actually quite easy to make. So if you like fried fries and you are looking for some variety, its time to try this recipe… Continue Reading



What do we eat for lunch? We’re camping with Guillermo (Uruguay) and Barbara (Poland) in Chile on the island Chiloé. This lovely marriage couple who lives in Spain, are traveling now in South America. Guillermo loves to cook, but we are getting out of our groceries. So what to make? We are in Chile, so let’s catch some fish! Guillermo and Kasper collecting all their fish gear and start fishing. After a while (without catching fish) they get bored. Meanwhile it became low tide. This brings Guillermo on a great idea. Let’s look for clams! An old woman with rubber boots walked by. She must looking for clams too! Guillermo asked her where to go. She brings them to the right spot. Now its low tide, they can reach the clams easily. Just with a spoon they get them out of the sand.

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Let’s try to bring India in your house on wheels with this delicious easy curry recipe! We met Leticia (Leti) on the road in the Sahara and now we’re cooking in Buenos Aires. Her secret, sweet potato and ketchup! … what? Ketchup? Leti: “Well if you’re traveling off road, without a market close by, you’ll get creative”. It’s a perfect meal for on the road, because you can add every vegetables and beans you have! But storage the curry powder, bouillon, cream and tomato puree (or ketchup)! Continue Reading



Most easy and delicious cake bread recipe in the world!

Oh my, this is Kasper’s grandma treasure. Every time when the family came together she baked the bread. It became a tradition. However, she was quite modest about her creation. It always showed up on the table with some criticism like “oh it’s probably to dry”. Maybe also with a little shame that her treasure is only a simple raising cake bread. Well, sweet grandma Van der Swaan, every family member adores your treasure! Now grandma is not here anymore, the recipe is still alive. Notice that when the cake bread is ready, you’ll probably think it is to dry, but he, thats exactly how it needs to be! Continue Reading