So what do we eat on the road? This is a food blog for people who live on wheels and/or with a tiny kitchen, most of the time dependent on long shelf life products or just a few fresh products. It needs to be easy but tasteful!

Let’s start with the most easy bread recipe in the world. I do not hit the road without having flour! This great recipe is without dirty hands and done before you know. We love to eat bread! Almost every day I make one in our tiny kitchen, so also you can do it 🙂

500 gram of flour
500 ml warm water
one spoon salt
two spoons yeast
one spoon sugar
extra: seeds or what ever you like to put in

Buy the flour you like, the regular, integral, a multigrain or a mix of different flours. Add the salt, yeast and everything else that you like, seeds, raisins, nuts, etc. Mix it with a spoon or an other tool that you have in your little kitchen.

Now, heat the water a bit and add the sugar (the yeast needs the sugar and the warm water for rising, so don’t do it without). Mix the water with the flour and your’e done. The dough needs to be sticky.

Put the dough in the greasy mold and let it rise for an half our. Then it’s ready for the oven! 30-35 minutes on 200ÂșC degrease. Or 30-35 minutes on low fire on a gas stove oven.

Baking bread without an oven?

“I do not have an oven in my mobile home / camper van, so what can I do?”

Well, there are three different options…

1. a dutch oven or cast iron pan on a camp fire (if you have al the time of the world)

2. a folding oven on a gas stove (like a Colman oven)

3. or the great “miracle pan” on a gas stove

I work with the last one. Not so long ago, no one had an oven in their kitchen. So that makes me looking for a vintage solution. It called the “miracle pan”. Probably your grandma knows this tool. It’s a mold in a closed and rounded pan that you put on the gas stove. It works perfect to make bread and cake. I love it.