PATAGONIA / CHILE – Our live on wheels is definitely ‘like a box of chocolates’. We never quite know what we are going to get. Where will we sleep, who will we meet? What is there to see around the next corner? Off course we do make some plans, but just as often we make a plan one day to change it the next. Just because we can!

For us making plans is also about dreaming. It is about saying out loud what we would love to happen next. Doesn’t it work like that in the universe? Just dream out loud, and don’t be surprised if you get what you ask for 🙂

But don’t think we are a ‘ship without a rudder’ now, we do follow some kind of schedule. Sometimes because there are deadlines – like our three month Argentinian visa that almost expired – , sometimes because we want to meet somebody – Yes! Borris my brother is coming to Chile in the end of April – , and sometimes because of big things like – winter is coming, let’s follow the sun – .

Despite of the big plan that shaped the last few weeks (read: driving North), it didn’t stop us to be surprised along the way. We ended up visiting again the national park where the accident with Moos happened and had a great time. We hiked a newly developed trail there, and where one of the first to sleep in a refuge in the middle of nowhere.

A next surprise was a visit to the Island Chiloe in Chile. We found a lot off great food there, we picked berries and found fresh seafood a hundred meters from where we parked the car! Best thing was that we also met friends that we got to know in the South, this we couldn’t have planned 🙂

But now to end this story an example of us making plans the way we like it. K. Wouldn’t it be great if we can celebrate new year in Colombia? L. Yes, sounds really good to me! Maybe some friends from Holland could even come over and travel with us and celebrate new year together? K. Sounds like a plan!

Hasta la vista!