PERU – The last six weeks we drove more than 2500 kilometers along the Ecuadorian and Peruvian coast.

After some time in the Andes and jungle of Ecuador, we were very happy to arrive at the beach again. And jumping in the ocean every morning is the best feeling there is. This time of the year you can see whales here, with a boat we try to get a closer look. And it was a great experience to watch them! The male wales were impressing the females with spectacular jumps. Also Moos became very enthusiastic to see this giant animals. But also he was very disappointed that they didn’t jump on his command.

We drove south and entered Peru and her long dry desert coastal high way. This wasn’t a drive we where looking forward to. But actually it became a very enjoyable and beautiful part of our trip. Especially the combination of desert and ocean was something new for us, a great combination! Also we had a nice time because we meet a lot of other travelers and make some good friends.

Our camper is made for the desert, so it was great to use the 4×4 in the sand dunes again and to see al these breathtaking views of desert and ocean. Moos also really likes the desert, for him it is one big sand pit with a lot of slides. And we must admit, also for us it feels like a big playground!