ECUADOR – Imagination is a special thing, it is the ability to create something in your mind where moments before there was nothing. The power to create in a split second. And as everybody knows kids are masters in this. We watch and learn.

We watch while Moos catches fish from the window with nothing more then a phone charger, we watch while enormous rockets are being build in our small living room, we watch while noisy machines dig-up the whole car and leave giant holes, we watch while Moos goes away to get us as he says ‘a present’. He comes back and shows us his hands very carefully holding the air where he imagines a little rabbit. ‘It is very soft!’ he ads to this with a smile on his face.

We watch our son and try to learn what seems to come so naturally to him. We want to be as free and spontaneous as Moos in our imagination. We’ll let’s try!