COLOMBIA – Almost 3 months we’re living in Palomino. A little village on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Beautiful located between two rivers, on the foot of the sierra Nevada. Most of the time we stay in front of Diego’s house on the edge of the village. A 50 year old crazy and very sweet man. He has a nice open house with a little kitchen, a table and bathroom. We really like it here, it is nice and simple. This gives space for creativity. We start a new paintings and also paint on a wall in the village, we build some furniture to make the place a little comfortable and fix-up an old bike. How nice it is to create!

Now and then other people are staying here as well. We meet all kinds off people. One week we stay with 25 ballerinas and the other day we stay with a family from Venezuela. Moos is playing a lot with the kids in the neighborhood, but his best friend is Diego. They play like crazy together, soccer, screaming and singing. Diego thought Moos a song in Spanish which they sing everyday together. Moos knows all the words, this makes us proud parents 😉 !