PERU – In Bolivia you have the so called ‘death-road’. It is famous for it’s narrowness and deep drops. We didn’t drive this particular road because nowadays it is a tourist attraction (they build another road around it) and also we just didn’t want to go that direction. But in the rest of Bolivia and Peru you have enough other roads that we think can compete with the death-road in dangerousness. We kind off accidentally found ourselves in the middle of a road like that of 400km long! Before we realized it was this long we where already one day underway, it took us another three days to finish it. And these where full days of driving, one hairpin after the other and deep-drops and blind-curves for 400km’s! It was a really beautiful road but also a little bit too much this time. About halfway we got pretty sick of it, we only could think of driving on tarmac again, double lanes and without giant stones on the middle of the road.

To make things even more challenging we all three got sick during these 4 days. First me, then Moos and eventually also Laila. Now we where really not enjoying ourselves anymore. In the end we where all tree sick for about a week (nothing too serious though, just fever and a lot of couching). Somewhere during this week I sad to myself; ‘I could really use a vacation’. This might sound strange for the people back home, but our travel has a lot of ups but definitely also downs. Ok so let’s look for some vacation from traveling.

The good thing was a friend and old colleague of Kasper was about to join us for a week. Jos his positivity and happiness made us feel good again. It really started feeling like a holiday in our journey. After picking up Jos in the capital Lima we drove up to the beautiful ‘cordillera blanca’ around Huaraz. We went out for diner a lot and did some relaxed hikes. Also we did what Jos does best: doing nothing 🙂 ! This is what we call vacation from traveling! Thank you Jos.

Jos continued his journey in the South of Peru and we drove to the coast. After such a long time in the mountains it’s so great to be on the beach! Also Moos is very happy, he can play all day with sand and water 🙂 A long time ago, an old Moroccan man told us; ‘mountains clear your mind, the dessert makes you find yourself and the ocean opens your heart’. Well it really does, it opens our hearts! It feels really good to be at the ocean. We are looking forward even more to our next destinations Ecuador and Colombia and make plans to spend a lot of our time on the beach!