COLOMBIA What we experienced in Argentina, happened again in Colombia. We could travel here forever. After six month we have the feeling we saw just a tiny part of this country. Its huge and very versatile. Now our visa is expiring, we have to leave, but for sure we will come back one day.

The last few weeks we stayed a lot of time between green mountains and in little colonial towns. We made new friends, a lovely Dutch couple who are busy planting a forest around their farm. We helped them a bit with planting trees and enjoyed their beautiful place. We also talked a lot and inspired each other with future dreams.

Next up we visited the capital Bogota, we are actually getting better in visiting big cities and camp a few night in this concrete jungle. Our friends Mateo and Daniel, which we know from our time in the coast, show us the city from their perspective . It looks a bit rough and ugly, not so fancy and there is a lot of creative energy. The walls are full with colors and paintings and there are a lot of musicians and dancers on the street. On the other hand it feels kind of dangerous and poor. You can feel happiness and hope, but also sadness and pain.

After a week in this monster city, we are glad to be back in nature again. We find some adventures roads and nice wild-camps on our way to the coffee region. Maybe this will be our last big stop in Colombia, we will have to start heading for Ecuador soon. We will enjoy Colombia while it lasts!