PATAGONIA – After staying a month with our friends we finally got the right feeling to hit the road! We enjoyed it a lot in our little private jungle, that’s why it was difficult to leave. But we came to South America in a rolling house, so let’s do it!

After leaving the area of Buenos Aires we drove on to the Pampas, endless flats with grass, cow’s and most of all high temperatures! We drove one week in the heat, trying to stay close to the river, to arrive in Patagonia. The change is dramatic, temperatures drop, mountains rise up and all the nature is green and blue.

These first days of traveling we felt confused, exited, happy and sad in the same time. We ask our selfs what are we doing here? To find the answer to our question around the next corner. We discovered beautiful places for camping, got to know great people and most of all we enjoy traveling together.