ARGENTINA – One of the nicest things of travelling is meeting people. Different culture, different thoughts, different behaviour, it’s inspiring and widens our mind. But on the other hand, it’s so nice to meet other people to find out that we are exactly the same, that we can connect so quick that it feels like family.

We get invited by a sweet family we met on a campsite. They live near Santiago the Chile on the country side. We cook together, eat together and talked so much, even they speak little English and we little Spanish. But smiling and hugging speaks volumes. They had lots of animals in the garden and a lot of toys (for their three children). It was a paradise for Moos. Especially because he gets a lot of attention and he adores the youngest daughter, Angelina. We stayed for a week and enjoyed a lot! Thank you Antonio, Anita, Ana, Giuly and Angelina for your love and sharing!

Instead of following the road up north, we feel like visiting Emiliano and Leticia. They live near Buenos Aires, on the other site of the continent, so why not, it’s only 1200 kilometers. We cross the Andes again and after two week we were there.

We met Emi & Leti 4 years ago in Spain, we traveled together for weeks in Morocco and the western Sahara. They invite us to come to South America and helped us the first month we arrived. Now we are happy to be back again, it feels like coming home. And even more special, this time Leti is pregnant of a little boy!

This two special persons inspire us a lot. They are building their own wooden dream house now. It’s amazing what they created without a drawing or thinking to much. Just do it! We are so proud, and enjoy their good vibes.

So what is next for us? We don’t know. The good news is my sister booked here ticket to visit us in Boliva. So for sure we need to be in La Paz in September. And new year in Colombia is also set! Our friends Dirk and Tati are coming over in December 🙂