HOLLAND 2020 – We are back in Holland after a 5 month trip. Back on the campsite in the forrest where we also stayed last spring and summer.

After we left Morocco we spend some nice weeks in the south of Spain. Again it was great to meet many other traveling families. We made new friends and Moos played a lot with other children living in mobile homes like us.

In the beginning of March, the rumors about Corona arrived on our wild camp spots. In the middle of march the police closed down a remote beach where we were staying. This was just before the weekend started and normally in Spain it gets crowded with locals. But instead, it became very quit. The lockdown started that weekend.

We got some stressed messages from Holland about closing borders, but actually it was very easy for us to travel back north. It was not allowed to travel anymore, but driving back to your country of residence was not a problem. So we drove north. This was not too different from normal for us, we stayed in nice places in nature and took it easy. The only strange thing was there was almost nobody else on the road.

We are very thankful to the few police officials that we got in contact with while driving back. We were a little afraid they would be very authoritarian with the situation of the lockdown. Instead they were very humane and understanding.

We are back in Holland and feel good, we are ready for our next adventure. Any moment now our baby will be born!