SPAIN/MOROCCO – After 8 months of living in our camper in one place (Holland) it is time to start driving again. First to Spain and after that to Morocco. It feels great to drive again in our little house.

This time, different then 5 years ago when we also travelled south, we meet a lot of families who are living like us. This is a very nice surprise to us, we did not realize that living in a camper became this popular. Very inspiring! We meet many young families who travel and live together in a camper. This is what we dreamed of many times, to live our traveling-life, but also to share it more with others. Especially for Moos we are so happy he can play a lot with other kids.

With one family we became really good friends, a couple from Germany who are traveling with their six year old boy (Moos his new best friend), we have been traveling together with them in Morocco the last few weeks. We celebrated christmas together with two more families in a nature reserve in Morocco between big cypres threes and monkeys! We feel very lucky for this.

And for who did not know yet, there is one more reason we feel very happy. We are expecting a new baby!