BOLIVIA – We made a few different plans where and when to enter Bolivia. But after spending a long time in the high mountain of northern Argentina (which are really cold at night, brrrrr) we decide to enter Bolivia in the east, the more tropical part of the country. Hello green mountains, jungle, waterfalls and sun!

We fantasized a lot about Bolivia. How will it be? After crossing the border we definitely feel we are in a new country again. It’s so exotic! The people, the food, the drinks, the clothes, everything.

We also feel really welcome in the country. Especially Moos they welcome him with open arms. If we walk on a marked, all the people likes to touch or hug this little blond gringo baby. They spoil him with bread, fruits and cookies. Moos makes it really easy for us to make contact with people.

Bolivia is more modern than we thought. A lot of people have a smart phone, there is wifi, good paved roads, new cars, modern buildings, etcetera. But just turn right or left and you are off road in the middle of nowhere, no more modern Bolivia. We drove adventurous 4×4 roads with a lot of river crossings, spend some time on the edge of the Amazone jungle, met really nice people and slept under big trees full of monkeys.

We love to see Moos his happy face when he sees animals. Jumping monkeys and frogs seem to inspire him to jump all the time. And of all the exotic new animals he discovers, his favorite now is the ant. Especially the big ones which bite him a little bit in his finger when he touches them. When he leaves after seeing them he says ‘doei mie’ (bye ant). It is so great to witness how he discovers the world! Moos is by far the best world explorer of the tree of us!

After a month in the tropics we got bitten by insects many times, mostly by an insect that looks like a little vampire fruit fly. The sun is nice, but we are ready for a new adventure in the cold again. Let’s head for the mountains!