BOLIVIA/PERU – We where really looking forward for Myrthe (Lai’s sister) to arrive in Bolivia and travel with us! Finally she was there! We picked her up in the colorful city Sucre and now she was ours for three weeks 🙂 We planned a spectacular road trip with her of 2000 kilometers trough Bolivia and Peru. It is going to be busy but with a lot of highlights! 2000 kilometers may not sound that much, but roads can be really slow here and most of the time we will be between 3000 and 4000 meter, what makes it really challenging.

First up was Bolivia’s altiplano with the big salt desert of Uyuni. What a strange place! It’s so white it hurst your eyes. Kasper was a little bit worried about the car and all that salt, but we decided to go for it and cross the entire salt-lake. We drove roughly 150 kilometers on crispy salt and exited the lake in the north. Now let’s look for a place to give the car a good wash!

Next stop was the city La Paz and wow how nice it is! It’s really a city in the clouds at 3800 meters, but it looks big and busy as any metropole. We flew over the city with the local transport called teleferico which gives you a great few of the mountains and the city. Moos loved it 🙂 and so did we!

We cross the border into Peru and follow the coast of the giant Titicaca lake. We go even higher and sleep a few nights at 4000 meter. Here it can be freezing cold at night. Myrthe sleeps ‘downstairs’ so we sleep in the rooftent, we cover ourself with all the blankets we have but still brrrr it’s cold!

The biggest highlight in these three weeks was to see my sister after 10 months again. It was great hugging, talking and laughing after such a long time. She brings so much happiness and love!

After not seeing family for so long, its great to be able to share the love for our son with my sister. And to see the growing relationship between my sister and Moos was fantastic. They love each other more and more and laugh harder everyday 🙂 And it’s funny how Moos is repeating Myrthe’s enthusiastic expressions like a parrot “yesss, woooow, yahooo, lets goooo!!”

Our mother gave us as a present tickets for Machu Picchu. A great and unforgettable trip! By train we go trough deep valleys surrounded by steep green tropical mountains to the little town Aguas Calientes were we stay in a hostel. From there, in the early morning, we hiked all the way up to the high Machu Picchu mountain with a beautiful view over the area and the ruins. It was a hell of a climb, it took us almost 4 hours. We didn’t knew it would be this long, we heard it was only 1 hour. We laughed our hearts out of not knowing and were deadly exhausted. But once we were on the top the pain was over. It became an unexpected adventurous present.

Wow what an intense time we had together! A lot of nature, culture and love! Thank you Myrthe for visiting us.